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On Christmas Eve what better way to leave a snack for Santa than on a festive plate with a personalised greeting; 'To Santa, with love from.....' up to four names can be painted on, after that, I think we would have to think about a bigger plate! Includes an instruction leaflet for the children to follow.

Plate finished with best quality gold.
MCS01 Santa's Supper Plate £15
Santa's Supper Recipe
one mince pie
one glass of port/sherry/lemonade
one juicy carrot (for Rudolph and his friends)
1. Arrange ingredients on plate provided.
2. Place plate near fireplace or Christmas Tree.
3. Girls and boys must then go to bed, and fall asleep
4. Do not wake up too early. (this part is very important).
Santa can now deliver your Christmas presents and enjoy his snack!
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